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Bassist Exprezzion....

Naresh Kamath
Bass guitarist is the most unattractive option of a band. Very rarely do you see a bass player get the same popularity as a lead guitarist or a drummer. But that hasn’t stopped many like Naresh Kamat of Kailasa band to master it and love it.
“You should always follow your dreams and do that work which gives you happiness. It’s not the money which counts but the amount of satisfaction you get,” said Naresh, who is also a Bollywood playback singer. A very polite and soft spoken person, Naresh shared his opinions and experiences before going to perform at the Manoranjana Dasara on Oct.11, 2010, held as part of Dasara celebrations in Mysore.
How did music start for you?
Naresh Kamath (NK): Music was in our house. We grew up listening to various types of music. However the most influencing part was when my brother and I joined a boarding school. We started writing our own songs and singing. We would also to record songs using tape recorders. Later my brother started learning guitar in 10th std, and then there was a guitar at home, so it became inevitable. And music came very easily to us. It wasn’t difficult. Also, we never stuck to one genre of music but kept on learning new styles.
But why did you choose to play come bass guitar?
NK: Well, I used to sing in a band earlier. After sometime however only the drummer and I were left. So I planned to learn bass guitar. I wanted to learn something different.
Kailash Kher
When can we expect Kilasa’s next album?
NK: We are working on it. Nowadays there is a problem that not many buy music CDs. The companies are trying to find ways to sell what we make. If we work for a movie you get to see the videos and the song gets promoted. But very rarely do you get to see an album song. We can make music. The question however is how will it reach to the audience?
In fact, I am working on music of my own, but, again the question is how to market it. We have to find the best, the cheapest and the most efficient way to promote it and get it to the people.
Band members of Kailasa
How often do all you band members jam?
Honestly, we don’t jam on a regular basis. When we are working on an album, we get together and start coming up with different ideas. Also, when we have a big concert coming up we practice. Luckily we have a studio in Mumbai were all of us can jam.
What did you feel about Mysore? It’s the second time you are performing here.
Mysore is a great place. We look around and see so much of greenery which we miss in Mumbai. The people here are also very simple and relaxed. Makes one feel like getting a house or a cottage and settling here! 

(Published in Star Of Mysore dated Oct. 12, 2010)


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