Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Heartfelt Guru Dakshina

This Women's Day, I got to interview from my paper, two ladies who have made a name in their respective fields. One of them was my school Principal, the other a senior Advocate. I have learnt so much from my school that it was a great feeling to actually give something back. Following is the interview with my Principal... A heartfelt Guru Dakshina...
Joyce Lobo
School is said to be our second home. Our teachers lay the basic foundation for us in terms of education and thus shape us as better human beings. Teachers are guiding lights who prepare the younger generation to face the ever-changing world. One such teacher who has been a beacon for thousands of students is Joyce Lobo, Principal of St. Joseph's Central School, Vijayanagar 2nd Stage.
Joyce Lobo finished her B.Ed. from St. Joseph's College of Education bagging 9th rank in the University and went on to complete M.Ed. from Annamalai University and MA in English from the University of Mysore. She joined St. Joseph's Central School in 1985 as a science teacher and became its Principal four years later. Now the School is in its silver jubilee year and much of the credit goes to her for constantly teaching the children 'To know, to love and to serve.'

Studies apart, how is the school educating youngsters on respecting women?
Joyce: We give equal opportunity to both boys and girls. In any activity, we don't discriminate among them. In such situations even the girls become confident and competent.
We teach boys to respect their classmates. Only then will they respect their wife, women at workplace and in society in future. We see to it that they don't look down upon others. Even though there is no separate class taken up for these issues, according to the situation we inculcate such values in their minds. When all are given equal opportunity they automatically respect each other.

How are girls taught to safeguard themselves?
Joyce: Since many girls travel by autos and buses these days, safety is a major cause for concern. At school we teach them to distinguish between good and bad touch and also to not allow anyone to take advantage of them. Especially from high school, we see to it that girls are made more aware about their security. Even the parents are open with their children and they also have an important role to play in this regard.
My School
What role does the school play in reducing crime against women?
Joyce: I haven't seen much cases of crime against women here. However, if such cases do occur inside or outside the school, the girls bring it to our notice. We immediately take appropriate measures and also inform the parents.

As a Principal of such a big institution, where do you think India stands in girl education?
Joyce: In terms of girl education, urban regions have improved a lot over the years. Compared to earlier days, now girls are also pursuing higher education and have their own goals. They do not confine themselves within four walls but are aiming much higher. However, girls in rural areas have a very long way to go. Much enlightenment is required for which long term planning and effective implementation is needed. Girls in rural areas too should pursue professional courses in order to become independent financially and otherwise. It is also in the hands of the girls to decide if they want to fight for their right to education or they want to stay at home.

'To Know, To Love, To Serve'
Has there been any challenging situation?
Joyce: I face a new challenge every day. The mindset of students and parents is changing by the years. So we have to keep updating ourselves accordingly.

What has been your biggest contribution to the school? And what have you got back from it?
Joyce: I always try to inculcate good values in the students. I believe that good manners and discipline will allow the students to see life in the right way.
Over the past 25 years, I have gained immense experience on how to deal with people. It has given me the confidence to run such a prestigious institution. It has also helped me think differently and heed to the needs of teachers and children. The experience has made me independent and has given me the strength to face new challenges boldly.

(Published in Star Of Mysore dated March 5, 2011)


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